VBA Wrist

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ESAB's VBA Wrist is the best solution for automated 3D cutting on heavy pipe, tube, and dome applications. Available with either plasma or oxy-fuel cutting torches, the VBA Wrist can produce continuously variable bevel cuts allowing for perfect fit up and optimum weld joint geometry. Structural steel and vessel fabricators around the world rely on the VBA Wrist to cut cost, improve accuracy, and enhance safety in the most demanding 3D cutting applications.

The unique motion system of the VBA Wrist allows it to reach further down on tank heads or domes without interference, making it the best solution for automated weld-joint bevel cutting of dome penetrations. The VBA Wrist ensures years of reliable operation through a simple, durable mechanical design that is well protected from the harsh thermal cutting environment.



  • Optimized motion system allows wide range of angles with minimum chance of collision with domes
  • Longer vertical reach to handle more 3D applications, handle larger domes and pipes with customized vertical lifters
  • Eliminates manual layout and manual cutting
  • Automates weld preparation, dramatically reducing manual grinding to add bevels
  • Available for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting to handle any wall thickness
  • Automatic centering system for domes
  • Significantly reduces material handling


  • Tank and Vessel Fabrication
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Windtower
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Power Poles
  • Marine and Offshore