Rock Bouncer Takes Rebel on the Road

Rock bouncer Will Stewart knows a thing or two about welding on off-road vehicles, but Stewart's confidence in his welds was still lacking. Rock bouncing depends on strong welds, so Will appeared on a recent episode of Ian Johnson's Xtreme Off Road for some guidance. As part of the show's "Driveway Rescue" segment, Johnson gave Stewart some hands-on welding tips using the ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic multi-process welder — and ESAB gave Stewart a new Rebel welder. In fact, rescuing Stewart was just the beginning; the episode featuring Stewart inspired ESAB's Rebel to the Rescue giveaway to extend Stewart's good fortune to another lucky member of the welding community.

Let's just say, it worked. Stewart has been using Rebel for several months now and is ready and willing to provide a first-hand review. "The best thing about the Rebel is that it works really well off generator power," says Stewart. "I need this on the trail. It's portable and compact. I carry it with me."

Stewart originally needed help with welding a tube chassis in preparation for a huge off-road event. Rock bouncing is all about high horsepower, huge tires and drivers who spend as much time rolling down these huge hills as racing up them. Strong welds are crucial to the rock bouncing community. After some guidance and experience with Rebel, Stewart now has the skills and the tools to weld his own rigs.

"The Rebel is really simple and user-friendly," says Stewart. "I like the sMIG function, too. Just set it and start welding." For beginners, Rebel's sMIG ("smart MIG") process is notable as it monitors the operator's technique and continuously adapts to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.

But the rock bouncing community demands more. "Another great thing about the Rebel is that it is a true multi-purpose machine," says Stewart. "I can weld aluminum, I can weld someone's fuel cell, I can weld what I need to weld without a problem."

Rebel EMP 215ic offers industrial quality arc performance for MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick and TIG welding. The system weighs only 40 lbs. and has a total output range of 5 to 240 amps. With its ability to accept 120V through 230V power (±10%), Rebel can easily handle fluctuating generator power and maintain a steady arc.

"Before I got the Rebel, I used to borrow other people's welders," says Stewart. "I am extremely happy that I have the Rebel. Its value compared to other welders is much higher. You can't do any better."

Rebel to the Rescue machine shot resized