ESAB Adds to Rebel Family

For welders that want a go-anywhere welding machine that focuses on the MIG or MIG and Stick processes, ESAB's Rebel EM 215ic (MIG-only) and Rebel™ EMS 215ic (MIG and Stick) are now fully in stock.

"These machines were designed to meet specific needs voiced by our customers," says Doug Smith, Product Business Manager – Arc Equipment, ESAB. "By offering MIG-only and MIG/Stick models, customers get exactly the processes they want without sacrificing Rebel's premium arc performance and other unique features."

For example, the Rebel EM and EMS models both feature ESAB's unique sMIG (smart MIG) function that monitors the operator's technique and continuously adapts to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds. Other common family features include a weight of 40 lbs., a MIG welding duty cycle of 25% when at 205A/24.3V, the ability to use 120V - 230V primary power for location flexibility and excellent generator performance for field work. Use a generator with at least a 3.7 kW output using a 120V connection and a 7.5 kW generator for maximum output when connected to a 230V outlet.

All MIG, No Frills

For users who only plan to wire weld and who value a traditional operator interface, ESAB offers the Rebel EM 215ic (MSRP: $1,699) for MIG and Flux-Cored welding. During product development research, veteran welding operators reported that they feel more comfortable basic controls. To accommodate their needs, ESAB designed the Rebel EM 215ic with a standard LED display and conventional controls for voltage and wire feed speed/amperage.

A Field Machine

The Rebel EMS 215ic (MSRP: $1,799) is a compact, portable welding system that offers industrial quality arc performance for MIG/Flux-Cored and Stick welding, making it ideal for farming, construction, maintenance/repair and mechanical contracting applications. It features a 4.3-in. LCD/TFT color display, the ability to store and recall welding parameters, a built-in owner's manual, operating instructions and parts library and advanced functions such as voltage trim, inductance, burn back and gas pre- and post-flow adjustment.

Rebel EM and EMS