A Tribute Over 20 Years in the Making

For Texan Ben Pierce, BBQ is as important as welding. When Ben's father passed away 24 years ago, he left behind an unfinished grill project. The cut pieces of stainless steel sat for many years in his uncle's garage. With summer coming and having moved into a new home, Ben collected the parts from his uncle's house and built the grill.

"Dad had originally cut and bent parts for two barbeque grills, but instead of building two, I added a smoker," says Pierce. "I still want to add some bells and whistles, but I had it ready in time for summer."

In all, it took Ben only a weekend to finish the project. "Once I had the Rebel, it was easy," says Pierce. "The parts were bent. I just had to piece them together and weld them."

Piece notes that he had another welder, but it was giving him problems. "It would have cost four or five hundred dollars to fix," he says. "Now with the Rebel, I can use it for everything."

Rebel EMP 215ic is a true multi-process welder with offering industrial quality arc performance for MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick and TIG welding. Rebel weighs only 40 lbs., has an output range of 5 to 240 amps and enables users to switch from 230V to 120V primary power simply by connecting the supplied adapter plug.

Most importantly, Rebel's sMIG ("smart MIG") function made it simple for Ben to begin MIG welding by setting metal thickness and selecting wire diameter. Rebel will automatically fine tune the arc and optimize for an individual's welding style regardless of metal, including Ben's stainless steel grill.

"I borrowed a Rebel from a co-worker who was using the smart MIG function," says Pierce. "I set the machine on concrete and began welding with stainless wire. It worked great in all positions."

The sMIG mode enables to raise or flatten the bead profile ("crown") by increasing or decreasing voltage ("trim"), as well as to weld thicker or thinner metal by increasing or decreasing wire feed speed. As users adjust one parameter, the machine automatically adjusts the others to keep the MIG arc stable.

"As you can imagine, there's a lot of welding going on in Southeast Texas," says Pierce. "Everyone I talk to wants a Rebel at home now."

Because Ben's late father taught him how to weld, it seems only fitting that he should bring his father's dormant grill project back to life. "Now I can enjoy the summer grilling in my backyard with my family," says Pierce. "Without the Rebel, it may not have happened."
Ben Pierce