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“Acclaim” for Multi-use Skid Steer Attachment

As a 2013 graduate of the Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology program at Pennsylvania College of Technology, David Munn has plenty of classroom theory and hands-on laboratory experience behind him. David put both to good use in fabricating a multi-use skid steer attachment for his father, a building contractor.

Made from ¼-inch wall, 2 x 4-inch steel box tube and 3/8-inch plate, the skid steer attachment David designed and built consists of a long boom for lifting, setting and placing walls, trusses, or light equipment on a job site. The boom features a hook for long reaches and has a total boom length of just under 12 feet. It is removable to expose a very short “nub” to handle heavier lifts.

The attachment also doubles as a snow plow hookup. The pin-points for the braces on the boom double and the plow hitch hook-up. The hook on the “nub” is used to attach the chain on the plow. David also added a trailer hitch receiver on the bottom bar of the frame so his dad can more easily maneuver trailers in tight areas.

Having learned how to weld using ESAB electrodes and filler wire, David naturally turned to ESAB consumables to weld all the necessary components.

“I used ESAB Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim because of its consistent starts and smooth running beads in any position with easy slag removal,” said David.

The easy-to-use Atom Arc 7018 Acclaim helped David complete the project in just two days. His dad is both a proud parent and a happy contractor.

To date, the boom on the multi-use skid steer attachment has been used to set roof trusses on small Habitat for Humanity houses or garages, as well as set equipment into enclosed trailers and in basements of houses during construction.

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Multi Use Skid Steer AttachmentMulti Use Skid Steer AttachmentMulti Use Skid Steer AttachmentMulti Use Skid Steer Attachment