Ported Contact Tip Design Delivers up to 5x Better Tip Life

Revolutionary Tweco® Velocity™ MIG consumables, now standard on Spray Master MIG guns, proved themselves in demanding applications. Here are the real world results.

MIG consumable design matters, especially for fabricators in high-output, high-duty-cycle MIG and FCAW applications.

“Previously, I was buying from 50 to 75 standard tips a week for five welders,” says Sterling Cole, owner of Cole III Welding, Bakersfield, Calif. “They used to call me ‘Mr. Tip’ down at the welding supply store.”

Like Cole III Welding, Guymon Machining & Fabrication, Cleveland, Utah, also uses a lot of FCAW wire, as well as a lot of tips. “We would change a contact tip two or three times in an eight-hour shift,” says owner DeMar Guymon.

For these companies, Tweco Velocity MIG consumables provide the solution. The Tweco Velocity contact tip features four gas ports machined into a solid copper body. These ports channel shielding gas through the tip, which allows the tip to remain cooler. As a result, the copper wears more slowly and the tip lasts longer — a lot longer. Cole and Guymon improved parts life by up to 5x or more after switching to Velocity.

“At first I had my doubts, but with as many consumables as I go through, I was willing to try it. Now I’m a believer,” says Guymon. “In the course of five months, we’ve gone through about a dozen contact tips on two guns, versus the 50 or 60 tips we used to go through.”

Sterling Cole experienced similar results. “With Velocity consumables, we’re using about one tip per welder each week. Sometimes a single tip can last two weeks.”

“That’s a good [tip] life,” adds Randy Busha, operations manager at Sun Country Trailers, Inc. (Phoenix). In a modified pulsed spray welding application here, a single Velocity contact tip ran for 15 shifts, burning more than 500 lbs. of wire in the process.

High heat, high duty-cycle applications may be hard on a MIG gun, but the choice of consumables is easy.

“I’m changing every setup I have to the Spray Master with Velocity consumables,” says Cole. “They are the cheapest consumables I have found because they last so long.”

View Velocity consumables in action at Guymon Machining & Fabrication. See live demonstrations of the Tweco Spray Master with extended-life Velocity consumables at FABTECH 2014.