Rebel to the Rescue GiveAway Offers Opportunity to Win a Rebel EMP 215ic

Ian Johnson of Xtreme Off Road rescued rock bouncer Will Stewart by giving him just what he needed to get his rig ready for the Southern Rock Racing Series: a day of hands-on welding tips for his tube chassis. Will has his Rebel, and we want you to have one too!

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Rebel Builds Confidence

Whether you're a pro like Ian or a novice like Will, the Rebel gives you confidence with features that take the fear out of learning to weld and tools that make you more productive:

  • True multi-process capabilities. Rebel lets you take on more projects with your preferred welding process: MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick or TIG.
  • sMIG ("smart MIG") Technology monitors the operator's technique and continuously adapts to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.
  • Two modes: Basic Mode keeps it simple, while Advanced Mode adds a full-suite of professional-grade arc controls.

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Brutal Weld Test

With Rebel and little bit of practice, people like Will Stewart can weld parts strong enough to handle extreme challenges like rock bouncing.

"Rock bouncing is all about high horsepower, huge tires and drivers who spend as much time rolling down these huge hills as racing up them. Strong welds are crucial to the rock bouncing community," says Ian Johnson.

You can watch as Ian rescues Will in the May 22nd episode of Xtreme Off Road. In the meantime, here's some raw video footage of Will's rig, Dark Knight, with the chassis welded by a Rebel.

Will Stewart has experienced the Rebel TRUTH. Will you DARE TO REBEL? Here's what others are saying.

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