Ferguson® Names Turbotorch® Its Plumbing Counter Vendor Of The Year

TurboTorch® is pleased to announce its recognition as Plumbing Counter Vendor of the Year by Ferguson® Enterprises, the top-rated wholesale supplier of commercial and residential plumbing supplies.

Ferguson selects its Vendor of the Year winners based on overall sales channel performance, marketing support and the quality of the support provided by sales reps at events such as counter days, trade shows and end-user/contractor sales meetings.

"We are very humbled to receive this award from an industry leader like Ferguson, especially considering the caliber of the competition in the plumbing category," says Paul Minter, Vice President & General Manager Specialty Markets for ESAB (TurboTorch is an ESAB brand). "I would like to thank Ferguson for its industry leadership efforts, our sales reps for all their tireless work and especially contractors for their trust in the TurboTorch brand."

TurboTorch developed air-swirl technology for soldering and brazing in 1967. Its Extreme™ air-acetylene torches have set the highest industry standards for performance, reliability, durability and safety. TurboTorch reps also support oxy-acetylene torches, gas regulators and outfits from Victorâ, also an ESAB brand and leading worldwide manufacturer of gas equipment. 


TurboTorch Award

Ferguson Enterprises, the top-rated wholesale supplier of commercial and residential plumbing supplies, named TurboTorch
its top-rated Plumbing Counter Sales Vendor of the Year. Pictured below (L-R) are Ferguson associates Billy Stutz, Marketing Manager; Scott Russell, Sr. Vice President of Sourcing; Earl Miller, Sr. Sales Manager for TurboTorch; award presenter and NFL legend Terry Bradshaw; Henry Wood, Vice President of Business Development and Rodney Grainger, Vice President of Strategic Products.