More Effective Cleaning of Torch Components

ESAB's JetStream torch cleaning station is a particle jet torch cleaning station that cleans consumables with a high velocity blast of granulate. Particle jets clean all torch components (nozzle, tip, gas baffle) and do so without mechanically gripping the torch. The advanced cleaning process extends consumables life, preserves the tool center point (TCP) and maximizes uptime. MORE

Conventional mechanical reamers clamp the torch nozzle, which may deform the nozzle and distort gas flow and affect TCP. With the JetStream station, the torch fits through slits in a silicone seal while the JetStream station sprays abrasive at high velocity for more effective cleaning. No clamping is necessary, preserving the roundness of the nozzle and proper gas flow.

When compared to the JetStream cleaning method, a mechanical reamer wears the consumables faster, and the process of mechanically scraping the nozzle and contact tip often has TCP implications. Without the need to scrape consumables clean, consumables last longer and TCP remains intact.

Further, mechanical reamers cannot remove spatter from the gas baffle, potentially leading to gas flow interruptions and inconsistent welds. The high velocity blast of granulate cleans the gas fittings in addition to the nozzle and tip, producing better gas flow and, ultimately, greater weld consistency.

JetStream is best suited for high productivity multi-cell environments in thin plate and automotive applications where constant cleaning of the nozzle and contact tip is required.

"Our customers notice that with the improved gas flow, the consumables stay cooler and last longer," says Jimmy Howell, ESAB Automation product manager. "They are also observing greater weld consistency due to the optimized gas flow and clean gas fittings. With the mechanical reamer, they could only clean the tip and nozzle."

In addition, operators appreciate the time they save at the JetStream station. "They add the abrasive to the hopper and walk away," says Howell. "There is no downtime from changing reamer tips. It's a big time-saver."

The welding area also benefits; the cleaning process produces no surrounding mess. Lastly, outside of manually cleaning a tandem torch, the JetStream provides the highest quality cleaning system. "On a tandem torch, JetStream offers the only reliable method of cleaning in an automated application," says Howell.

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ESAB’s JetStream torch cleaning station

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