Better Together: Velocity™ MIG Consumables Option Now Available for Tweco® Classic Numbered Series MIG Guns e

Tweco®, an ESAB brand, announced that its Classic Numbered Series MIG guns are now available with Tweco Velocity™ consumables. Velocity consumables feature gas ported contact tips that keep the tip 30 percent cooler. By running cooler, Tweco medium- and heavy-duty Velocity MIG consumables improve parts life by up to 500 percent or more in gas shielded flux cored, spray transfer and pulsed spray transfer applications. In short circuit MIG applications, Velocity consumables typically last two to three times longer than conventional consumables.

"Extending consumables life keeps operators more productive while reducing cost associated with downtime," says Jeff Henderson, Sr. Global Product Manager Arc Accessories, ESAB. With this move, Tweco's two most popular MIG gun designs, the Tweco Classic and Tweco Spray Master®, are available with either Velocity or traditional Tweco consumables.

Engineered for Performance

Velocity consumables feature threadless, "drop-in" style contact tips and integrate the contact tip seating area directly into the conductor tube. With medium- and heavy-duty Velocity consumables, the shielding gas flows from the conductor tube through four ports machined into the base of the contact tip. This simplified design eliminates the gas diffuser and enables the shielding gas to better cool the contact tip. Coupled with an all-copper path and fewer connections, electrical and thermal conductivity is dramatically improved.

A cooler tip also reduces the ability for spatter to stick. The tip needs less cleaning, and any spatter that adheres is easier to remove. Further, spatter generally collects on one part, the nozzle, as opposed to three parts on conventional MIG front ends.

"The drop-in style tip also eliminates the hassle associated with burn backs. There's no need to use vice-grips or welpers when the electrode fuses inside the tip," adds Henderson.

Enhancing a Classic

The Tweco Classic Numbered Series is an enhancement of the legendary Tweco Number Series, perhaps most popular guns in the world since its introduction more than 40 years ago. Enhancements to the Tweco Classic include higher impact resistant materials, an interlocking handle design for superior toughness, an angled trigger for a more comfortable pull and refined, modernized lines. Many operators prefer the paddle-shaped Tweco Classic handle because it's flatter and reduces hand stress in applications where the operators desire more side-to-side gun manipulation.

Guns now available with Velocity consumables include the Tweco Classic 1 (rated at 180 amps @ 60 percent duty cycle), Tweco Classic 2 (rated at 200 amps @ 60 percent duty cycle), Tweco Classic 3 (300 amps @ 60 percent duty cycle), Tweco Classic 4 (400 amps at 60 percent) duty cycle and Tweco Classic 5 (500 amps @ 60 percent duty cycle), all of which are air-cooled guns. Velocity consumables are also available on the Tweco Mini-MIG, an air-cooled gun rated at 160 amps @ 60 percent duty cycle.