Heavy-duty Outdoor Grill is Ready to Enjoy

Just in time for summer, Steve Midebrook and his son, Justin, decided to build their own charcoal grill. Father and son spent a couple of weekends this spring constructing a horizontal smoker-style outdoor grill. They used ¼ inch floor plate rolled to a 16-inch diameter, ½ inch rod for the legs and handles, 2-inch pipe for the top vent, and capped both ends with air vents. ESAB MIG-6 .045 solid wire filler metal was used to weld the grill.

Their labor has been rewarded, as the heavy-duty, all-welded grill that holds up to 10 pounds of charcoal is now in frequent use and enjoyed by all members of the Midebrook family for everything from burgers to steaks. The grill is also small enough to be taken on camping trips. It has been so well received by family and friends that Steve is building additional units for sale.