What Have You Welded Lately?

When two students of Jeff Jantzen's third-semester pipe welding class at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa, found they had a bit of time on their hands, Jeff asked them to build a cart to store weldments. "I turned them loose with a pile of angle iron and some caster wheels," Jeff said. "They decided to use ESAB equipment for the job, so we decided to paint the cart ESAB yellow!"

The students, Chris Ortman (left) and Matt Jones (right) used ESAB's 652cvcc power source, MIG 4hd feeder and Spoolarc 86 wire. The school also uses a variety of ESAB equipment, including three MIG welders, two Stick welders, a plasma cutter, ESAB gas regulators and numerous filler metals. "ESAB makes a great product," Jantzen says. "We really love it. All our flux cored wire is ESAB. It's a very reliable product."

Jantzen also appreciates ESAB's support of welding education. He shows his students the ESAB safety video on regulator burnout as part of his class. "I really appreciate that ESAB supplies us with training materials at no cost," he says.