A6S Compact Welding Heads for Internal Welding

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For excellent results welding longitudinal and circumferential butt joints inside tubes.


  • Three versions available:
       A6S Compact 300 for internal welding of tubes down to 300 mm inside diameter
       A6S Compact 500 for internal welding of tubes down to 500 mm inside diameter
       A6S Compact 700 for internal welding of tubes down to 700 mm inside diameter
  • Equipped with reliable, VEC feed motor for superior weld performance
  • Add either the FFRS Basic/Super or FFRS 2000/3000 Flux Feed & Recovery System to optimize the welding process
  • Supervise and adjust the head position via TV monitoring system (option)
  • Use standard mini-cross slide assembly and PAV manual tracking system or GMH automatic joint tracking system to easily follow the joint (option)


Linerar Slide Stroke Length 2 in.
Linerar Slide Stroke Length 50 mm
Rotary Slide Setting Range (deg) 360 °rees
Travel Speed 4-67 in./min
Travel Speed 0.1-1.7 m/min

Wire Dimensions

Wire Diameter 1.6-4.0 mm (0.063-0.157 in.) 3.0-4.0 mm (1/8-5/32 in.)

Wire/Strip Specifications

Wire Type Steel
Wire diameter 3.0-4.0 mm (1/8-5/32 in.)
Wire Type Stainless Steel
Wire diameter 3.2 mm (1/8 in.)
Wire Feed Speed 0.2-4.0 m/min (8-157 in./min)

Power Requirements

Control Voltage 42 VAC
Max Current 800 A

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