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The GMH joint tracking controller, together with ESAB servo slides and a sensor unit forms a robust and easy to use joint tracking system for automatic welding.


The GMH system minimizes repair welding and adjustments after welding thanks so that the arc is always in the optimal position. The general quality will be kept on an even level and the operator does not need to focus on the weld head and its position.

The operator can then keep an eye on the entire installation and contribute to a non-interrupted welding production by adding flux and prepare for changing the wire spool well in advance.

System contents
The welding head is mounted on a motorised double servo slide where the head can be moved up-down and left-right. The sensor is the most vital part in the system which gives information to the control system how to adjust the slides to keep the arc in the optimal position. There are a number of different mechanical sense fingers for different applications. Inductive sensors can also be used.

The operator uses the joystick to guide the welding head and mechanical sensor finger into correct position. No programming at all is required. The unit is set in track mode and the welding can start.

Curved details can as long as they are within the working range of the servo slides be welded fully automatic with GMH as the guiding tool.

GMH is available in three versions:

With control panel on the front
Suitable for ESAB’s A2 / A6 tractor automats and A2 / A6 beam travelling carriage. Automatic solutions with short distance between welding head and GMH control box and where the operator has a good overview of weld joint and welding head without moving around.

With remote control (no control panel on the front)

Suitable for Column & Booms and large automatic installations with long distance between welding head and GMH control box and when the operator must move around in order to get a good view of the welding joint.

Without control panel and remote control
Suitable for customized solutions where the customer’s own remote control is adapted to the GMH control box.


  • Easy to use, no programming required
  • Robust
  • Flexible with a remote control
  • Very short set-up times
  • Gives a less stressful environment for the operator
  • Minimise operator errors


  • Power Generation
  • Ship/Barge Building

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