Aristo SuperPulse

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If your application demands efficient root runs or positional welding on thin, or thick aluminum or stainless materials, then SuperPulse will provide the optimum solution. With productivity as the objective, todays TIG process is tomorrows Aristo SuperPulse.


  • Makes positional welding easier
  • Allows welding with low heat input
  • Provides uniform penetration
  • Allows operator more control over welding speed
  • TIG-looking weld appearance with MIG
  • Very adaptable to all kind of mechanization, for example, Railtrac and Miggytrac
  • Extends working range with larger wire size
  • Less sensitive to joint gap variations
  • Less sensitive to unequal heat transfer

Aristo SuperPulse


The prime advantage of the pulse/pulse process is the ability to control the heat input. Pulse/pulse is a well established process and has mainly been focused on aluminum welding.~Now SuperPulse is a further development of the pulse/pulse concept with the following additional combinations:~~Pulse/short arc– Replace the TIG process by welding the root pass with the pulse/short-arc process. This process enables full control of the heat input for any thin sheet welding.~~Spray arc/pulse– A very efficient process in positional welding of thicker materials. Aluminum can be welded straight upwards without the usual torch manipulation. (Less tiring for the operator)~~MIG brazing of very thin sheets is another application where we recommend Aristo SuperPulse.~~New welding processes will always require expert advice and training. To find out more about the process or applications surrounding Aristo SuperPulse please contact your local ESAB sales office for further information.~ESAB has welding process centers located in Hanover (US), Florence (US), Gothenburg (SE), Solingen (DE), Utrecht (NL), Waltham Cross (GB), Milan (IT) and Vamberk (CZ). All are prepared to undertake application trials for you, or offer a complete application/training package.~


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