Mechtrac 1730/2100/2500/3000

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MechTrac might very well be the most flexible and fastest way to increase your productivity.

It takes the form of a gantry and can be equipped with A2 welding equipment for SAW or MIG/MAG to create a complete welding station.

If the workpiece rotates, other welding methods such as TIG and Plasma can be used, depending on the application and handling equipment.

The MechTrac unit is suitable for different types of workpiece that can be covered by a gantry. The gantry offers the opportunity to weld profiles, such as I-, T- or L-beams, columns or tapered beams. MechTrac is available in four versions, depending on the size of the workpiece. The difference is the width of the gantry - 1730 mm, 2100 mm, 2500 mm or 3000 mm between the legs. The length of the legs is the same for all types; 1500 mm from the top of the rail to the inside of the overhead beam.

The floor mounted rail can be delivered as standard with a total length of three meters. It can then be extended to match the length of the components. The standard rail is supplied with an end guard which prevents the gantry losing contact with the rail. Other types of rail as A45, A55, A65 or SJ 50 can be used.

All MechTrac’s have dual drive and are equipped with four wheels, two on each side.
The gantry can support a maximum weight of 220 kg, which corresponds to two A2 welding heads, single or twin wire, complete with automatic joint tracking GMH and the OPC flux recovery unit, for example.

The PEK process controller is used with welding equipment, SAW or MIG/MAG. The welding para- meters can be programmed swiftly and accurately. When two welding heads are used, one process controller takes control of one welding head and power source, plus the travel speed of the MechTrac. The other controls the second welding head and power source. To make transport and installation as easy as possible, MechTrac is supplied in component form and can easily be assembled on site.

Specifications and Dimensions

Gantry Width 68-118 in.
Gantry Width 1730-3000 mm
Height Increment 14 in.
Height Increment 360 mm
Max Load 485 lb
Max Load 220 kg
Min. Side Clearance 57 in.
Min. Side Clearance 1450 mm
Shell Height 70.8-138.8 in.
Shell Height 1800-3500 mm
Standard Rail Length 9.8 ft
Standard Rail Length 3 m
Travel Speed 8-75 in./min
Travel Speed 0.2-1.9 m/min
Shell Thickness 1.96 in.
Shell Thickness 50 mm

Measurements and Dimensions

Conditional Qualification Maximum Load
Weight 485 lb
Weight 220 kg

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