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Documentation, Monitoring, Fault detection
WeldQAS is an automatic welding monitoring system. By monitoring welding parameters during the welding process, immediate error response is possible, averting consequential damage.

WeldQAS acquires real-time data from welding production, reveals inefficiencies and enables action to optimise the production process.

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  • Records welding parameters such as welding current, welding voltage, gas flow rate, wire feed speed during the welding process online without an additional accessory added on the welding torch
  • Based on a new technology of recording high-resolution digital data and intelligent data processing in a signal processor
  • Using patented algorithms and welding parameters, WeldQAS allows detection of pores, burn-through, wire defects (MSG) and other welding irregularities
  • Data are stored in databases and provide an overview for optimising and stabilising the welding production. WeldQAS is network compatible and the data are automatically stored on a central server
  • The WeldQAS series consist of a compact version and a cabinet version to which sensors can be connected to record process variables. Process variables can also be recorded using industrial fieldbus systems or power source-specific buses

Welding Process

  • GTAW (TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas )
  • GMAW (MIG/MAG - Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas)
  • SAW - Submerged Arc Welding

Extra Information

WeldQAS - Compact version (GMAW,GTAW)
System for all welding applications up to two welding torches

  • Compact size (330x200x320 mm) stand-alone or wall fastening, touchscreen display 10.1 inch
  • CPU Intel Celeron with passive cooling; industry flash memory with Windows embedded; LAN, USB, optional HDMI / VGA
  • Direct connection to the sensors (8 differential inputs with 25 kHz or 4 x 250 kHz, 3 counter inputs 100 kHz)
  • 24 separate digital in- and outputs
  • Profibus/Profinet integrable
WeldQAS - Cabinet version (SAW)
System for complex applications with more than two welding torches or multiple head SAW installations
  • Cabinet (600x1500x520 mm), with or without wheels, touchscreen display 18.5 inch
  • CPU up to Intel Core i7 possible; industry flash memory; with Windows embedded; LAN, USB, HDMI / VGA
  • Separable from the measuring unit up to 200m via HKS-Ethernet (hybrid cable)
  • Quasi unlimited amount of measuring channels
  • Profibus/Profinet integrable
  • Database server integrated
  • Integration of additional modules for galvanic isolation, additional relay available


How to purchase WeldQAS

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Part Numbers and Accessories

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Part Numbers : WeldQAS
WeldQAS Compact version 2K-S3 HKS0001421
WeldQAS Cabinet version with wheels HKS0002362
Accessories : WeldQAS
Wire Sensor SAW 3-5 mm HKS0001471
Connecting Cable for HKS Sensors 1 m-S3 HKS0002337
Connecting Cable for HKS Sensors 10 m-S3 HKS0001431
Connecting Cable for HKS Sensors 20 m-S3 HKS0001432
Extension Cable for Wire Sensor Basic Price HKS0002358
Robot S3 Module 2k+TPS autonom HKS0002294
Process Sensor P 100-S3 HKS0001621
Wire Sensor DV 25 ST-S3 GMAW/GTAW HKS0001427
Extension Cable for Wire upcharge per meter HKS0002359
Extension Cable for Gas Sensor Basic Price HKS0001903
Extension Cable for Gas upcharge per meter HKS0001904
Connecting Cable 10 m for DIG I/O-S3 HKS0001573
Connecting Cable 15 m for DIG I/O-S3 HKS0001591
Connecting Cable 20 m for DIG I/O-S3 HKS0001574
Measuring Cable for Voltage HKS0001375
Standard USB Trackball Keyboard DE, EU, US HKS0000291
Network Software WeldQAS HKS0000297
S3 Interface (F/U converter) HKS0002360
Field bus option Profinet HKS0001452
Field bus option Profibus HKS0001454