PT-36 / PT-36R Plasmarc Mechanized Cutting Torches

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As part of ESAB’s m3 plasma system, the PT-36 forms the business end of the most advanced plasma cutting system available.

The rugged, reliable, PT-36 torch replaces up to three single-purpose torches (heavy plate cutting, precision cutting and marking). The end result: superior cutting functionality and productivity over a wide range of materials and thicknesses, with minimal set up time, downtime and consumable cost.

No other system offers the reliability, economy and productivity of the m3 plasma system.



  • High precision torch for longer consumable life and better cut quality
  • Precision close tolerance concentricity for optimum straight or bevel cutting, with highest cut quality and consumable life
  • Patented Posi-Thread design makes it easier to install consumables, and eliminates the worry of damaged threads on electrode, electrode holder, and torch body
  • Extremely versatile multi-gas torch, allows you to pick the combination of gases, speed, and cut quality that you want
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen, Air or H-35 plasma gas; Nitrogen, Air or H-35 start gas; Nitrogen, Oxygen/Nitrogen mix, Air, or Methane shield gas, dry cutting or water injection plasma cutting
  • Low current micro-nozzle cutting, precision plasma cutting, 600A thick plate cutting, and 720A water injection cutting, all with the same torch.
  • Cut and mark with the same consumables
  • Cuts carbon steel up to 3 in. thick with 450A Oxygen Plasma
  • Cuts stainless steel or aluminum up to 2 in. thick with 600A Nitrogen Plasma, or up to 6 in. thick with 600A Argon-Hydrogen (H-35)
  • Cuts stainless steel or aluminum up to 3 in. thick with 720A water injection / Nitrogen plasma
  • A smaller, less expensive electrode lowers operating cost
  • Requires fewer parts to purchase and stock
  • Current capacity of 720A at 100% duty cycle
  • “Speed-Loader” aids in consumable changes without the worries and leaks caused by o-rings, or the expense of spare torch bodies.
  • Does not require expensive water chiller for cooling water, which reduces power and maintenance costs
  • High quality / low cost stainless steel cutting using water injection

PT-36 / PT-36R Plasmarc Mechanized Cutting Torches



Diameter 2 in. (50.8 mm)

Output Ratings

Conditional Statement Current Capacity @ 100% Duty Cycle (Argon-Hydrogen)
Current Capacity @ 100% Duty Cycle (Air)
Current Capacity @ 100% Duty Cycle (Oxygen)
Current Capacity @ 100% Duty Cycle (Nitrogen)

Plasma Gas Requirements

Conditional Statement Start Gas Pressure
Gas Pressure 100-125 psig
Conditional Statement Cut Gas Pressure
Gas Pressure 100-125 psig

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