Caddy Arc 201i

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Fifth generation Caddy™ features advanced inverter technology built in – deliver unparalleled performance in a rugged, portable package


  • Adjustable hot start makes it easy to strike the electrode – avoids starting problems
  • Adjustable arc force sets the intensity of the arc – improves weld quality
  • ArcPlus™ II improves welding characteristics and simplifies work – produces better weld quality with less clean up
  • Equipped with large OKC 50 cable connectors – for greater durability
  • Features compact design with impact resistant polymer and aluminum casing – makes the unit lightweight and easy to carry
  • Small size does not compromise vital cooling of internal components
  • Large heat sinks and innovative design make this Caddy™ machine run cooler – promotes
  • longer machine life even when used in harsh environments
  • Designed to keep sensitive interior parts clean and dust free
  • Built in accordance with IP23 for outdoor use, even in wet-weather conditions – makes this machine ideal for on-site work
  • Equipped with a PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit – allows the machine to perform a full range of functions on a 16 A fuse, protects against fluctuating mains voltage, and makes it safer to use with a generator
  • Operates with extra long mains cables – expands working radius


Power Specifications

Conditional Statement Stick (SMAW) TIG (GTAW)
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.99
Efficiency at Maximum Current 81 %
Open Circuit Voltage 72 VDC
Protection Class IP 23
Current Range(A) 4-170 A 3-220 A

Welding Output

Stick (SMAW) 170 A/26.8VDC @ 25% 40degC (104 degF)
130 A/25.2VDC @ 60% 40degC (104 degF)
110 A/24.4VDC @ 100% 40degC (104 degF)
TIG (GTAW) 220 A/18.8VDC @ 25% 40degC (104 degF)
150 A/16VDC @ 60% 40degC (104 degF)
140 A/15.6VDC @ 100% 40degC (104 degF)

Input Voltage

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Phase 1
Voltage 230 V

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