Professional K-5

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Arcair Professional K-5 is part of the manual gouging torch & cable assemblies offered by the industry leader in the air carbon-arc products. It's a straight handle manual gouging torch design that is used in heavy-duty metal removal applications due to it's carbon electrode capacity.


  • IMPROVED TORCH AIR FLOW - More efficient use of air supply. Improved metal removal.
  • FOUR HOLE HEAD ASSEMBLY - Optimizes air flow to the arc. Efficiently cleans slag from groove edge.
  • AIR ASSIST POSITIVE AIR SHUT-OFF - Minimizes air supply unit cycling on and off. Allows torch usage when air supply is marginal.
  • IMPROVED CABLE ELECTRICAL CONDUCTION - Improves cable service life. Decreases heat build up in cable and torch.
  • SUPERIOR OUTER CABLE COVER - Durable cover for improved cable life in a harsh environment. Resists breakdown due to exposure to heat produced by gouging.


Carbon Arc Gouging Specs

Model 01104003 01104003 01104003 01104003 61104007 61104007 61104007 61104007 61104008 61104008 61104008 61104008
Conditional Statement Pointed Jointed Half Round Pointed Jointed Half Round Pointed Jointed Half Round
Carbon Electrode Range 7.9-12.7 mm (5/16-1/2 in.) 7.9-15.9 mm (5/16-5/8 in.) 15.9 mm (5/8 in.) 7.9-12.7 mm (5/16-1/2 in.) 7.9-15.9 mm (5/16-5/8 in.) 15.9 mm (5/8 in.) 7.9-12.7 mm (5/16-1/2 in.) 7.9-15.9 mm (5/16-5/8 in.) 15.9 mm (5/8 in.)
Air Requirement 5.6 (80 psi) 5.6 (80 psi) 5.6 (80 psi)
Flow Rate 850 l/min (30 cfh) 850 l/min (30 cfh) 850 l/min (30 cfh)
Amperage Capacity 450-1250 A 450-1250 A 450-1250 A

Arc Gouging Consumables

Model 01104003 61104007 61104008 70128507 70128510
Amperage Capacity Up to 1250 A Up to 1250 A Up to 1250 A Up to 1250 A Up to 1250 A

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