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Cladding of Ni-alloy UNS N08825 in Pressure Vessel Applications: Optimized Efficiency with a Complete Solution.

By Biryulin Denis, ESAB Saldatura

Cladding of Ni-alloy UNS N08825 in pressure vessel applications: optimized efficiency with a complete solution.

Strip overlay cladding of Ni-alloys is one of the most cost sensitive applications in pressure vessel fabrication. Compared with cladding of austenitic alloys, Ni-alloy cladding has a major effect on the cost of the vessel production. Performing Ni-alloy overlay cladding in a controlled manner is essential to meet cost targets and optimize efficiencies.The cladding consumables, the actual cladding procedure and the equipment used are critical process parameters for fabricators seeking success in this application. The following key factors affecting cost efficiency will be discussed:

  • The cladding process (electro-slag or submerged arc) used.
  • Total overlay thickness applied. 
  • Optimization of bead overlaps.
  • Control of dilution to achieve the technical requirements.
  • Productivity of the methods used.

This paper will discuss single and double layer cladding and the suitability against actual requirements for Ni-base clad layers of alloy UNS N08825 / EQ NiFeCr-1 on both P355NL1 and CrMo steels. READ MORE »

Published in Italian Welding Magazine - #4 - July/August 2017. 

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