Columbus® III

A powerful programming and nesting software that improves plate utilisation, increases productivity, and streamlines workflow.




Columbus 1.7 offers many new features and updates to make programming easier and more efficient, including:

  • Fully automated batch order nesting across multiple machines – can be triggered manually or scheduled
  • Automatic detection of parts that are going to tilt to avoid torch collisions
  • Production data calculations based on tool and process technology data
  • Enhanced usability designed with the help of actual customer feedback


Columbus Nesting Software

Optimal Plate UtiliSation


Layout designer. The Columbus layout designer seamlessly manages all functions necessary for generating CNC layouts or nests, with support for oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, and marking processes. Data is stored for instant recall to help streamline your workflow.

Job control. Easily set up your table for jobs and sub-assemblies. Job control stores data on parts used for jobs and makes those parts available to layout designers for further processing. You can then create sub-assemblies from the stored parts and add them to other jobs..

Automatic nesting. Our fully automatic trueshape nesting maximises plate utilisation while automatically creating nests for specific projects using any number of plates or remnants. Multi-torch nesting automatically reduces the number of torches used, when appropriate. Plates can be switched manually or automatically.

Bevel cutting. The bevel-cutting function enables straight-line programming of oxy-fuel, plasma, and laser bevel heads. Choose from numerous predefined or customised bevel profiles, or customise your own. Programmed bevel parts can be stored for easy reuse in other projects.

Plate management. Define and manage rectangular and remnant plates with the plate manager. Use a multitude of data fields to create a unique identification of each plate – as well as plate copies – allowing for comprehensive traceability. Un-nested plate areas can be divided into any number of remnant plates.

Seamless IT integration. Build completely customisable import and export reports that are fully compatible with the DataLeap ERP Interface. Automatically integrate with your existing ERP, CAD, and inventory management systems to eliminate redundant data entry. You can import and export any production data from the Columbus database related to orders, parts, sheets, and layouts to CSV format or to a Microsoft SQL Server database, as well as automatically list import and export parts or orders – including geometry, if available

Job Wizard. Significantly increase productivity with Job Wizard’s fully automatic order processing and nesting to optimise machine workload planning. Parts are sorted by material, thickness, and process used, and then they are automatically nested on the best cutting machine available, allowing for smarter material usage. Jobs can be scheduled ahead of time, and CSV or ERP data can be automatically imported from existing systems, helping save time and ensure data quality.



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