High Deposition Root™

Combine high penetration with high productivity

The stabilising effect in the ICE™ process enables high productivity welding in root runs with deposition rates above 25 kg/h without the need to remove tack welds or sealing runs.

With ICE™ in a tandem set-up with a leading single wire ESAB can modify the penetration profile to the joint geometry in the root. The ICE™ process will change the weld bead profile and change the direction of the solidification front, enabling a new way to control the penetration profile.

In tandem set-ups the High Deposition Root™ can be used in one run applications as well as in the first run of a thick plate. The weld top surface forms a concave smooth surface with excellent slag release, both with high and low basicity fluxes.

High deposition root High deposition root

High deposition root

High Deposition Root™. Deposition rate 25 kg/h.