Up to 100% increased deposition rate

ICE™ - increased welding productivity with maintained heat input

In SAW and other welding processes the heat input the parent material can tolerate will always define the upper limit for productivity. With the ICE™ process there is no need to change total heat input to increase the deposition rate or realise the other benefits. ICE™ technology uses surplus process energy to melt more wire and increase the deposition rate.

Compared to a single wire, ICE™ technology can increase the deposition rate by up to 100% and compared to twin welding, by up to 50% - with the same heat input. The highest deposition rate that ICE™ can achieve connected to a single power source is 34 kg/h. The table to the right shows the limits in deposition rates (yellow) for different setups and the commonly used deposition rates (green). These green areas may be considered comfort zones for use in production. This table is based on using similar heat input in the process.

SAW Weld Deposit Rate

The statements set out are based on test results carried out under controlled conditions by ESAB using ESAB welding consumables and with experienced welding engineers, and may vary accordingly.