Warranty periods

The ESAB guarantee covers the costs of replacing materials that have become defective as a result of design and / or manufacturing errors plus the time reasonably necessary to replace the defective part Defects caused by improper use or a consequence of circumstances beyond the control of ESAB are excluded from the guarantee.
The warranty period for all products applies from the date of purchase by the end customer (according to the conditions of our specific products (valid duration and start date).
The products that were first put in stock must also be sold first and the storage period must not be longer than 6 months. "

Warranty claim procedure

Please contact the after-sales service
You must have your purchase invoice with the serial number. In order to better follow up your file, we strongly recommend that you register your machine via our website.

Standard equipment

  • Mono and three-phase Buddy ™ - 24 months
  • Caddy ™, Rebel ™ machines purchased after January 1, 2015 - 36 months
  • Autonomous welding generators purchased after 1 January 2015 - 36 months
     (Honda, Yanmar and Perkins motors have a 24-month warranty from the manufacturer)
  • Three-phase power sources and feeders from the range Renegade ™, Origo ™, Warrior ™, Aristo ™ - 36 months
  • Plasma cutting machines from the Cutmaster ™ range - 36 months


TIG, MIG, Tweco and plasma torches and remote controls, unless it can be clearly proven that the failure of a welding torch or remote control is due to material or manufacturing faults, these are excluded from warranty. warranty period of 6 months for new torches and remote controls that only covers the manufacturing defects.The warranty can not be applied if the spare parts are not from ESAB.

  • MXL 201, 271, 341, 411w, 511w - 12 months
  • Manual plasma torches - 12 months

Standard Automation and Cutting

have a warranty period of - 12 months

Spare parts

For separate parts for our equipment 6 months.

Wear parts

Wear parts such as gas nozzles, wire guides, wire feed rollers, contact tips, contact tips, adapters, filters, welding glasses, hoses, welding cables, cable packages, etc. are excluded from the guarantee. Unless it can be clearly proven that the cause of the malfunctioning is due to a material or production error.

Personal protective equipment & accessories

  • New-Tech ™ - 36 months **
  • Sentinel - 36 months **
  • Warrior ™ Tech, Aristo® Tech, F20, G30, G40, G50 - 24 months **
  • Air 160/190/200, PAPR - 12 months
  • Origo ™ Air / Eco-Air / Aristo-Air - 12 months

** Warranty is refused when there are traces of shock or impact on the electronic cassette

Other accessories

  • G-Tech- 12 months
  • G-Tech Handy - 12 months
  • HCB pneumatic peening hammer - 12 months
  • Smoke extraction - 12 months
  • Drying cabinets and dry storage- 12 months

Victor standard welding machines

  • Tweco 220AC / DC, 301AC / DC, 301TS Thermal Arc PowerMaster Plus 320SP, 400SP,
    500SP- 36 months
  • 202AC / DC, Fabricator 181i, 211i, 252i, Fabricator 320C, 320S, 400S, 500S, 175SE, 175TE, 161S, 201TS -24 months
  • Options and accessories - 6 months
  • Wear and spare parts - 3 months
  • Torch wear - no

Victor cutting machines

  • Cutmaster Series - 36 months
  • Drag-Gun Plus, PAK-200i - 24 months
  • 1Torch ™, SureLok ™ Torches and PCH / M-200 - 1 month
  • Other torches - 6 months
  • Spare parts - 3 months
  • Torch wear - none

Autogenous welding and cutting equipment

  • Edge ™ and G Series Regulators, 400 Series, HD313, HC1200 Series and Bulldog Torches - 60 months
  • High pressure and high flowmeters, Lightweight torch - 12 months
  • Torch wear - no


1 year warranty on the basic unit and associated sensors.


The warranty does not apply if the problems are related to the use of an inadequate supply voltage (excessive voltage included), normal wear and tear, ignoring instructions in the manual, damage to transport or storage, fire or damage resulting from natural causes (eg flooding, lightning strike, ....).
The warranty will lapse if changes are made to the product without prior written permission from the manufacturer, or if repairs are carried out using unauthorized spare parts or maintenance instructions of the product that are not complied with.
ESAB can claim costs for repair outside the warranty. The direct or indirect damage and loss of profit are not covered by the warranty. The warranty period is based on a working week of 40 hours.