Classic 6 Air Cooled MIG Gun

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600 AMP 60% Duty cylce MIG gun available with Tweco & Miller style rear connector and suitable for heavy duty air-cooled fabrication


  • The Industry Standard for over 40 years
  • Oval-Shaped Handle reduces grip required to manipulate MIG gun and eases operator fatigue
  • High-Impact Crush-Resistant Handle uses special plastic composition for long-lasting durability and dependability
  • Heavy Duty Handle balanced to pivot at center for ease of use in different welding positions
  • Metal Jacketed Three-Layer Conductor Tube Construction (copper tube/silicon-resin glass insulator/metal jacket) for improved electrical conductivity
  • Trigger Contains Silver Plated Contacts with self-cleaning action every time it is engaged or disengaged
  • Heavy Duty Design for dependable industrial applications
  • Field Repairable Cablehoz® requires no additional connectors
  • Gun Hanger located at bottom for convenience of resting the gun when not in use
  • Split Handle Case provides access for easy repairs
  • Improved Performance with longer life consumables
  • Wide Selection of front end consumables available
  • Front and Rear Steel Spring Strain Relief provides support to the Cablehoz coming out of the rear of the handle and minimizes wire feed issues
  • Heavy Duty Contact Tips in high heat applications offered
  • Interchangeable Front End Consumables between Tweco® Classic No. and Tweco Spray Master® series


  • Automotive
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Ship and Offshore Yards
  • Steel Industry
  • Repair and Maintenance
Classic 6 Air Cooled MIG Gun


Arc Gun Specifications

Model Classic No. 6
Amps 600 A
Gas Type CO2
Duty Cycle 60 %
Applications Heavy Duty Fabrication
Wire Diameter 2.4 mm (3/32 in.)
Cooling Air


Model Classic No. 6
Operating Temp -10 - +40 °C
Standards CE IEC 60974-7

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