ESAB upgrades FILARC PZ6113 multi-purpose, all-positional rutile cored welding wire

February 21, 2019

ESAB, a world leader in welding and cutting technologies, has upgraded its FILARC PZ6113 multi-purpose, all-positional rutile cored welding wire. Subtle but significant fine-tuning of the composition has resulted in a marked improvement in toughness, and the wire is also now available in a smaller diameter for users wanting to weld thinner plate.
FILARC PZ6113 has been a global leading rutile cored wire for decades, used for the construction of many of the ships currently sailing our oceans and numerous construction projects around the globe now.

The upgraded FILARC PZ6113 can now be used for joints requiring good toughness down to -40 °C. This will broaden the applicability of FILARC PZ6113 and in many applications users will no longer have to change wires when welding steel plates of different grades. The upgraded specification has not affected any of the wires numerous approvals and classifications but, should customers require it, ESAB can provide support for any necessary weld tests and qualifications, as well as assisting with process optimisation.

Until now FILARC PZ6113 has been offered in wire diameters of 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 mm, but now it is also being manufactured in 1.0 mm diameter. Customers who have previously benefitted from FILARC PZ6113’s all-positional capability and ease of use will be delighted that they can now use the same wire specification on thinner plate.

For many years FILARC PZ6113 has been popular for applications such as shipbuilding and general construction. Exceptionally easy to use in all positions, and capable of welding at high speed for high-productivity applications, this premium cored wire can be used with either Ar/CO2 or CO2 shielding gases to produce a smooth, stable arc that results in low levels of spatter and smooth tie-ins. The new 1.0 mm wire will also benefit users by making it easier to achieve flat weld beads when welding thinner plate sections.

As always, ESAB’s offering extends beyond the welding wire; customers can take full advantage of ESAB’s renowned technical support to maximise productivity while maintaining high quality. Whether or not ESAB welding equipment is employed, ESAB can advise customers on how to optimise their welding process with FILARC PZ6113. 

ESAB is a recognised leader in the welding and cutting industry. From time-honoured processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanised cutting and automation, ESAB’s filler metals, equipment, and accessories bring solutions to customers around the globe.