The Newest
Post-Weld Cleanup Tool
is not a Tool at All.

PURUS™ - Formulated for profitability

The characteristics of PURUS create a winning formula for maximum uptime, improved quality, lower part cost and maximum profitability.

When developing PURUS, ESAB started by enhancing wire metallurgy to reduce formation of silica islands. PURUS still meets all the technical requirements for a mild steel wire, but it performs substantially better than the competition.

  • Traditional filler metal

  • Purus

  • Traditional filler metal

  • Purus


As shown in the image, standard wire generates a considerable amount of silica islands, especially in multi-pass welding applications. Manufacturers need to stop production to de-slag or they risk arc ignition issues, and slag can cause significant quality issues if not removed before painting.

Because PURUS minimizes silica islands, users report up to 66 percent less problems with arc ignition. Further, users can weld longer without stopping to clean.

The tiny amount of slag that PURUS does create will often self-release as the weld bead cools. What little slag remains will easily brush off. As a result, you spend more time engaged in profitable fabrication activities and your parts move faster toward the next production step.

30 Percent Less Spatter

In addition to enhancing the wire formulation, PURUS benefits from an innovative wire coating technology that stabilizes the weld process and provides superior arc stability. As a result, PURUS reduces spatter by 30 percent.

ESAB conducted spatter tests using 1.2mm wire and welding at 28.5V/300A with a wire feed rate at 10.2 m/min. We repeated the test multiple times, welding for a total of four minutes. After welding, we collected all spatter, weighed it and calculated the percent of spatter generated. After testing PURUS against six of the leading mild steel wires, the results were clear: PURUS generated 30 percent less spatter than other premium wires.

PURUS Spatter Bar Graph

* Normalised average spatter level from 6 different tests of three different reels of Purus 42.
** Normalised average spatter level from 12 different tests of 6 different competitor wires.

In high-volume and robotic applications, PURUS can improve productivity in many ways. How could less spatter benefit your operation ­­- More consistent arc ignition? Reduced post-weld clean-up costs? Less time cleaning clogged MIG gun nozzles?