The Newest
Post-Weld Cleanup Tool
is not a Tool at All.

Introducing PURUS™, a solid MIG wire that cleans up after itself

The newest clean-up tool isn't a tool. It's PURUS™, a next-generation solid wire specifically formulated to reduce post-weld cleaning of spatter and silica islands.

Simply by switching to PURUS premium MIG wire, you can:

  • Reduce post-weld cleaning time and unplanned downtime associated with spatter.
  • Reduce or eliminate downtime for removing silica islands in multi-pass welding.
  • Reduce or eliminate paint-related quality issues.
ESAB Marathon Pac 2 PURUS MIG wire product packaging sample image of drum with spool

In robotic and high-volume MIG operations, you can easily monetize the results of switching to PURUS, the perfect solid wire.

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Charpy V-Notch Properties»

How We Created PURUS

The most critical step in our product development process starts with listening to the voice of our customers. For PURUS, ESAB put forth this exact question to welding, production and manufacturing engineers on four continents:

What results should the "perfect welding wire" give to improve your welding operation?

With excellent weld integrity as a prerequisite, your voice was clear: give us a MIG wire that eliminates rework. Driven to achieve this goal, ESAB created PURUS.