The Newest
Post-Weld Cleanup Tool
is not a Tool at All.

Monetizing PURUS™ Performance: Arc ignition errors reduced by 66 percent

ESAB is confident that PURUS will meet your expectations, and with good reason. After developing this innovative wire, we conducted extensive field trials to confirm results.

The bottom line: PURUS works as well as we say it does. Even better, PURUS delivers results you can monetize. At one manufacturer of construction equipment, PURUS reduced arc ignition errors by 66 percent in multi-pass applications.

Previously, excess silica islands prevented positive arc ignition. When this occurred, the manufacturer needed to shut down the robotic welding station, spending an average of three minutes to clean the silica islands. With an hourly rate of 70 €/h in the station, each stop cost 3.5 €.

While that savings might sound small, at the end of one year, PURUS would generate substantial savings - all just by switching wires. As an additional benefit, the manufacturer recoups lost downtime and increases productivity at the welding station - all just by switching wires.

PURUS meets all the same technical requirements as other mild steel wires, and it runs on the same equipment. All you need to do to start saving money - and making your operators happier with a more production-friendly wire - is switch to PURUS.