PT-15XL to PT-36 Upgrade

Upgrade your old PT-15XL torch to the new PT-36 plasma cutting torch and take advantage of lower operating costs, improved consumable life, and better cut quality.

Users of the PT-15XL plasma cutting torch can now upgrade to the new PT-36 torch. The PT-36 is a versatile torch that lowers operating cost and delivers improved performance. It can be used with a variety of gas combinations and can be configured for use in a wet or dry mode to suit your specific cutting application. Use it dry for cutting mild steel or use the water injection capability for superior cuts on stainless and aluminum.

The PT-36 helps reduce operating costs for today’s cost conscious customers. Since the PT-36 does not require de-ionized water, converting from the PT-15XL could save as much as $10,000 a year per torch station. In addition, the new PT-36 design requires fewer consumables and they cost less than comparable PT-15XL parts.


  • Improve Cut Quality
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Increase Cutting Speed
  • Eliminate De-ionized Water
  • Simplified Consumables
  • Longer Consumable Life
 Electrode Holder ThreadsPT-36- Exploded View