Plasma System Upgrades

Plasma System Upgrades: Dramatic improvements are possible with upgraded plasma systems.

Today's plasma systems can achieve much better cut quality and faster speeds compared to legacy systems. Often upgrades can justify themselves quickly based on increased productivity and reduced secondary cleanup operations.

Why Upgrade Your Plasma System?

Modern plasma systems can offer significantly faster cutting with far better cut quality and ease of operation.

  • Higher Cutting Speeds with XR Nozzle technology.
  • Faster, easier plasma setup thanks to Automatic Gas Controls.
  • Dramatically improved hole cutting with Precision Hole Technology™.
  • More flexibility and improved cut quality with shield gas selection and mixing.
  • Precision cutting of thin materials using Micro Nozzle technology.
  • Reduced operating cost due to longer consumable life.
  • Significantly higher cutting capacity with thick plate piercing technology.
  • Better consistency provided by closed loop pressure control.
  • More flexibility, improved accuracy, and faster cycle time when plasma marking and cutting using the same torch.
  • Less down-time with robust, more reliable power supply technology.
  • Improved stainless steel and aluminium cutting with Argon-Hydrogen and Water Injection cutting.

Cut Faster

New plasma technology cuts 12 mm mild steel as much as 45% faster than older technology.

 260Amp Speed Comparison 1

Cut Thicker

Newer plasma technology easily cuts 50 mm mild steel up to 80% faster than older technology.

360Amp Speed Comparison 1





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