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Making Sparks Together July 2013

Dustin Maybin Pursues His Dream with Eastern Rod & Chopper

One-man shop builds show-stopping custom street rods and motorcycles using ESAB products.

Dustin Maybin Pursues his Dream with Eastern Rod & Chopper

Eight years ago, Dustin Maybin started fabricating custom cars and motorcycles. Today, he is winning at car and bike shows across the nation, and nobody is more surprised by his success than he is.

At 17 years of age, Dustin moved out of his parents' home in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Having been raised in an environment where drugs and alcohol were prevalent, he cut ties with almost everyone in his family, save for his grandfather.

"I was truly on my own," said Dustin. "I graduated high school when I was 18, and I really wanted a cool car. When I was that age, the key to popularity was to cruise your car, but I didn't have a cruise-worthy car!"

With no money to purchase a car, Dustin was motivated to build one from the ground up. He was working 40 hours per week at his job painting in an auto body shop. He asked the owner of that shop if he could be trained on welding and fabrication,
but was told "no."(cont'd)

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Product Spotlight

New Warrior Works as Hard as You Do

New Warrior Works as Hard as You Do

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces Warrior – a new multi-process power source and feeder designed for shipbuilding, rail car construction, mobile machinery construction, energy generation construction, pipe welding, general fabrication, and repair and maintenance. Designed for GMAW (MIG), FCAW (Flux-Cored), SMAW (Stick), and GTAW (TIG) welding, as well as ACAG (Arc Gouging), Warrior delivers up to 500 amps @ 60% duty cycle.

"Our customers told us they needed a rugged, workhorse of a machine that could withstand harsh welding environments," said Greg Stauffer, Vice President for Sales Support and Standard Equipment (ESAB North America). "Warrior gives them superior welds time after time - you have the reliability and efficiency of inverter technology."

Designed with input from welders, Warrior carbon arc gouges with electrodes up to 3/8" diameter, welds .030 – 5/64 inch flux-cored and solid wires, and has a full range of SMAW (Stick) capabilities with excellent 7018 and 6010 performance, and carbon arc gouges with electrodes up to 3/8" diameter.

Warrior delivers consistent, reliable performance. Warrior's air tunnel design creates a "dirty" air side and a separate "clean" air side to ensure long-term reliability of critical electronics. (cont'd)

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ESAB Launches New Heliarc® Family

ESAB Launches New Heliarc Family

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces the new family of Heliarc® machines for high-quality AC/DC GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (Stick) welding.

Three new Heliarc TIG welding machine models are being offered: the Heliarc 281i – a 280 A unit for single-phase 230 connections, the Heliarc 283i – a 280 A unit for 3-phase 460 connections , and the Heliarc 353i – a 350 A 3-phase 460 unit for more power when welding thicker materials.

All three machines use inverter technology, which delivers increased energy efficiency and superior functionality - all in a package that is lighter, smaller, and less expensive than old technology SCR machines.

The new Heliarc family of machines has everything you need for advanced AC/DC TIG welding in all types of materials. Furthermore, they offer outstanding AC and DC SMAW (Stick) performance, including cellulosic (E-XX10, E-XX11) electrodes.

Heliarc offers easy-to-control arc heat input, which results in high quality welds. Heliarc's pulse current allows for lower heat dissipation, better control of the weld pool, and less plate deformation.

DC pulsing, with square wave, cuts current peaks and provides symmetric power, a stable arc, and perfect interfusion between base and filler material. AC pulsing up to 2Hz makes Heliarc ideal for welding thin aluminum material. (cont'd)

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What Have You Welded Lately?

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Grill is Ready to Enjoy

by Steve Midebrook

Heavy-duty Outdoor Grill is Ready to Enjoy

Just in time for summer, Steve Midebrook and his son, Justin, decided to build their own charcoal grill. Father and son spent a couple of weekends this spring constructing a horizontal smoker-style outdoor grill.

They used ¼ inch floor plate rolled to a 16-inch diameter, ½ inch rod for the legs and handles, 2-inch pipe for the top vent, and capped both ends with air vents. ESAB MIG-6 .045 solid wire filler metal was used to weld the grill.

Their labor has been rewarded, as the heavy-duty, all-welded grill that holds up to 10 pounds of charcoal is now in frequent use and enjoyed by all members of the Midebrook family for everything from burgers to steaks. The grill is also small enough to be taken on camping trips. It has been so well received by family and friends that Steve is building additional units for sale. (cont'd)


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New Cutting Systems Blog: ESAB Edge

New Warrior Website Available

Welcome to ESAB Edge, The CNC Cutting Blog, our latest tool for sharing news and information about all things cutting.

The blog is a useful resource you can turn to daily for news and insights on CNC cutting systems and cutting processes such as the advantages of combining waterjet and plasma on the same CNC machine or the proper adjustment of oxy-fuel torch preheat. Our technical experts cover everything from plasma, flame, waterjet and laser, providing process fundamentals, helpful tips and a wealth of valuable information that's based on more than 75 years of experience offering turnkey cutting systems solutions.

Use the blog to interact with our cutting systems professionals, post questions or comments, learn from our experience or share your own.

Start sharing and learning, join the conversation today:
The CNC Cutting Blog

Gear Up for Battle: Choose Warrior™, Choose Your Bonus

Gear Up for Battle: Choose Warrior, Choose Your Bonus

Purchase any Warrior™ ready-to-weld package from now through December 31, 2013 and choose your bonus: a $500 manufacturer rebate or a $1,000 ESAB shopping spree.

ESAB's Gear Up for Battle promotion offers the spoils of your choice. Whether it's the rebate or the shopping spree, you're the victor.

The $1,000 ESAB shopping spree offers a selection of high-quality ESAB merchandise with more than 20 welding products and accessories to choose from, including PowerCut® 400 plasma cutting package, MiniArc® 161 LTS Tig/Stick Package, PUROX® Elite Metal Master III gas apparatus, ESAB Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Tool Bag, and more.

The Gear Up for Battle promotion is valid for any qualified purchase of Warrior 500i package, including all five models of the new Warrior multi-purpose welding machine.

Designed for MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, and Live TIG welding, as well as Arc Gouging, Warrior delivers up to 500 amps at 60% duty cycle. It welds .030" – 5/64" flux-cored and solid wires, has a full range of SMAW (Stick) capabilities with outstanding 7018 and 6010 performance, and carbon arc gouges with electrodes up to 3/8" diameter.

With innovative ESAB technology and industry-leading productivity enhancements, Warrior was designed with input from welders and built to be rugged and reliable.

For details about this unique offer, visit www.esabna.com/gearup or email promotions@esab.com.

It's Incredibly Simple: New Heliarc® Promotion Offers Great PPE Gear

It's Incredibly Simple: New Heliarc Promotion Offers Great PPE Gear

ESAB introduces The Incredibly Simple Giveaway. From now until December 31, 2013, purchase a new Heliarc® welding package and receive a free ESAB Weld Warrior™ personal protection equipment kit valued up to $250.

The bonus personal protection kit includes a tool bag with a welding helmet, curved MIG and TIG welding gloves, clear and smoked safety glasses and an Easy-Lite – a complete package designed to allow you to work in confidence and safety.

This offer is incredibly simple because no forms or special actions are required. The free Weld Warrior personal protection equipment kit is automatically added to your order with the purchased item – simply order as usual.

The Incredibly Simple Giveaway is for qualified purchases of ESAB's new Heliarc welding machine for high-quality AC/DC GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (Stick) welding. Heliarc uses inverter technology, which delivers increased energy efficiency and superior functionality in a package that is lighter, smaller, and less expensive than old technology SCR machines.

Ask your distributor for details or visit www.esabna.com/incrediblysimple.

Black Widow Leaves its Mark on 2013 Street Rod Nationals East

Black Widow Leaves its Mark on 2013 Street Rod Nationals East

The 2013 Street Rod Nationals East at the York Expo Center in York, Pennsylvania was the stage as famed race car driver Rod Saboury showcased his latest customized street car, Black Widow, an LS9 powered '63 Corvette customized by Troy Spackman and the crew at Legacy Innovations, LLC. The car's fully chrome moly tube chassis, stainless steel headers and moly roll bar were TIG welded using ESAB equipment and consumables: CaddyTig 2200i AC/DC and Heliarc 161 welding equipment using ER80-SD2 filler metal.

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Selecting the Mode of Transfer

There are four basic modes of transfer in the welding process: short circuit, globular, spray and pulsed spray.

Selecting the proper mode of transfer depends on the welding process, welding power supply and consumable that is being used. Each mode of transfer has its own distinct characteristics and applications for which it is best suited. (cont'd)

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